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Dear guests and colleagues,
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you in Cairo for the 5th IAGP regional conference in Africa and the 4th EAGT conference.

The more humans are able to connect with each other, the more hope we have in collaborating and overcoming the encountered cultural, geographical and universal challenges. It is our duty, and the duty of the current civilizations, to direct and encourage all individuals, with no exceptions, to work creatively, tirelessly and lifelong.So, let us meet in this international gathering that takes place in the home of civilizations. Let us call for communication, not in mere words, but in engagement, responsibility, and solidarity, within a collective consciousness that stems from the authenticity of history and stretches through all expanding levels of consciousness in the whole world, and beyond.

Yehia Rakhawy, Egypt
Conference President

Co – Founder of Group Therapy in Egypt

About EAGT and Group Therapy in Egypt: The journey of group psychotherapy and group processes in Egypt goes back to the late 1960s at Psychiatry Department, Cairo University ( kasr Alainy), when Egypt witnessed the birth of group therapy practice by Prof. Yehia Rakhawy and Prof. Mohamed Shaalan. In 2011, the EAGT has been established to enhance the practice of professional group work in Egypt, which has remarkably thrived following the collaboration with the International Association for Group Psychotherapies and Group Processes, IAGP. Together, regional congresses were held starting from “Hope in Critical Times” in 2014, passing through “From Hope to Action” in 2016, till “Hope, Action and Connection” in 2018 with more than 400 participants from 42 countries. The upcoming conference comes to crown the EAGT and IAGP contribution in group psychotherapy and group processes in the region.
Prof. Mona Rakhawy
EAGT President

The International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes, IAGP is a worldwide network of professionals involved in the development and study of group psychotherapy and group process as applied to clinical practice, consultancy, education, scientific studies and socio-cultural settings. IAGP’s network provides opportunities for meeting the others: professions, theories and cultures – who are exploring the applications of small, median and large group processes
Richard Beck, USA
IAGP President

Conference Chairs

Congress Honorary President
Head of Psychiatric Association
Prof. Momtaz Abdel Wahab, Egypt
Congress Honorary President
Head of Psychiatry Department, Kasr Al Ainy
Prof. Mostafa Shaheen,Egypt

IAGP President
Richard Beck, USA

Conference Vice President
Prof. Refaat Mahfouz, Egypt

IAGP Vice President
Catherina Mela, Greece
Vice President of EAGT
Prof. Noha Sabry, Egypt

EAGT President
Prof. Mona Rakhawy, Egypt

Conference Themes

Group work for children and adolescents

Group processes and group dynamics

Education and training in group work

Research in group work

Group analysis


Creative arts therapies

Cognitive behavioral group psychotherapy

Group treatment of trauma

Integrative group psychotherapy

Neurobiology and group work

Integrating antidepressants with group psychotherapy

Antipsychotics and group psychotherapy

Working with dreams in groups

Couples and family therapy

Group psychotherapy for addiction

– Mindfulness-based groups