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Vincenzo Bellia,Italy

Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist by Group Analysis, Certified Dance Movement Therapist
Regular member of Laboratorio di Gruppoanalisi, IAGP, ARTE, APID
Director of the Training Program in Relational Expressive Dance Movement Therapy
(Dmt-ER®) in Rome
Teacher of Group Analysis at the COIRAG School of Psychotherapy in Palermo
Former lecturer in the Universities Paris V René Descartes (France) and Aosta (Italy)
Regular collaborations in Italy (Turin University, Mediterranean Psychodrama
Association), Switzerland (L’Atelier, Geneve), France (Irpecor, Lione), Egypt
(Rakhawy Training and Research Institute, Il Cairo), Lebanon (Step Together foundation, Beirut)
Author of 8 books and over 40 papers on Dance Movement Therapy, Social Psychyatry, Individual and
Group Psychotherapy

Via Giuseppe De Felice 60/B – 95129 Catania (Italy)
Tel. +39 095 7150146 – Mobile +39 329 6639960
direzione@danzaterapia-esprel.it – www.danzaterapia-esprel.it
info@bellia-psicoterapia.it – www.bellia-psicoterapia.it