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Shira Marin, US

I came to the field of depth psychology, specifically Jungian and Imaginal orientations. I am trained in Jungian Analysis and dream work, expressive arts, and Marriage and Family Therapy. After 35+ years of clinical work in private practice with individuals, couples, families, and groups, I have come to see the greatest value in both working in groups, which suits engaging in the global community and combining group process with expressive arts. I have discovered uncanny transformative potential through working in this way. Out of this experience, my colleague and I developed a method of working that we have used over the past 4.5 years in the U.S. We have presented at The Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society annual conference, the AGPA Connect National Conference, and internationally at IAGP in Malmo, Sweden and TelAviv, Israel. THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON that I would like to present at IAGP in Cairo is that 2 young women from Egypt who attended my workshop said they never had any sort of workshop like this one and wished I could bring to Egypt; they expressed feeling deeply satisfied by the . I was grateful for their trust in the process and in me as a facilitator. Since then, I have thought of them and watched for the opportunity to support their wish. If your are so inclined and there is a space for a 2.5-3hr workshop, it would be an honour to share this experiential learning process with the IAGP community.