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Leila Youssef,EGYPT

My career started with 4 years of deep body oriented psychotherapy in Barcelona in 1990 while undergoing my own personal process. It was followed by 5 years of supervision with the founder of the training. We learned about body, emotions and mind and how they are totally interlinked and completely interwoven into each other. I worked for more than 15 years giving individual sessions and groups. Then I added a coaching career as I noticed the traps of classical therapeutic relationship with clients and decided that coaching would give me different tools that would allow the processes to be more efficient in less time. Then my spiritual practices got integrated into my way own personal way of integrating everything I learned and right now I feel myself ready to teach and train others in my unique efficient way of reaching core issues and transforming them in a totally safe and secure environment. I started training some people like Hoda Refaat and others since two years. Will send you CV to the email mentioned on top of this box.