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Domenico Agresta,Italy

Domenico Agresta, He is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist,
group-analyst and psycho-oncologist. Formerly Trustee of the Gordon
Lawrence Foundation, now a member of Social Dreaming International
Network. He works with SD studying Rites of Passage, Religious Rites and
cultural contexts.  He is the President of the Centre for the Study of
Psychology and Psychosomatic Medicine (CSPP) and studies the correlation
between mind and body, links to anthropology and group processes using
dreams icons. Academic Member of the American Group Psychotherapy
Association (AGPA); Chair of Family Therapy Section and Chair of
Webinars Committee in IAGP (The International Association for Group
Psychotherapy and Group Processes). He teaches at University and at
Schools of Psychotherapy. He lives and work in Pescara (Italy).