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Bilun Armağan,Turkey

ı am a psychologist and psychodrama group psychotherapist. I was born
and raised in İstanbul. ı graduated from Notre Dame de Sion French
high school and I got my AA degree in Harlaxton College, University of
Evansville,Grantham,UK. I got my BS degree and psychological
counselling certificate from University of Evansville, Evansville,USA.
Over the years I attended many diverse psychotherapy schools, such as
Behavioral Family and Couples Therapy, EMDRI and II
Trainings,Regression Therapy, Neo- Shamanic Trainings etc.I graduated
from IPI( İst. Psychodrama Inst. and Zerka Moreno Inst.) as a
İn recent years I have completed Energy Psychotherapy trainings of
ACEP ( Ass. of Comprehensive Energy Psychologies) and working deeply
on Shamanism. I have translated  British edited book “From one to one
psychodrama to large group sociopsychodrama” from English to Turkish
and I have been participant writer of some Turkish Psychodrama books.
I still write for “Ruh ve Madde” magazine in İstanbul. I live in
İstanbul and have being working in my private practice for 20 years.