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Asmaa Halim,EGYPT

Asmaa Halim is a clinical psychologist, holding a master’s degree in psychology since 2013. Started her professional life in 2005 passing by lots of experiences, where she started off focusing on working with teenagers and designed programs specialized in psychological agility for teenagers and for helping their parent to deal with them. In addition to designing programs specialized in improving the efficiency of psychologists in governmental schools in Egypt. Asmaa also acquired the international certificate for addiction therapy from Al Horreya Institution for Dr. Ihab El Kharrat, and worked in this field from 2007 till 2013 in several Mental Health Centers and Clinics in Cairo. In addition, she was the founder of the Art Therapy section in the Addiction Psychiatry Unit in Al Abassiya Mental Health Hospital. Asmaa also directed her efforts towards working with Schizophrenics in individual, group, art, and movement therapy sessions in several Egyptian mental health hospitals. Though she has been training for group therapy since graduation, Asmaa joined a condensed and deep training on this type of therapy in 2014. The program is offered by the Egyptian Association for Group Therapy and is built on the Four-Step Model and she has been practicing it since 2015 and till now under the supervision of Dr. Refaat Mahfouz. After that, Asmaa worked to merge art with psychotherapy, so she studied for and acquired the psychodrama diploma in 2018 from the Egyptian Association for Group Therapy in cooperation with the Mediterranean Association for Psychodrama. Then she joined diploma of the Dance Movement Therapy Expressing Relational School, under the supervision of its founder, Dr. Vincenzo Bellia. Lately, Asmaa has been focusing on the topic of women and their relationship with their bodies, and in 2016 she founded her own therapeutic program designed for that purpose “Halima’s Studio” that uses movement and the vocabularies of oriental dancing to improve the body image in women’s minds.